What is Reflexology for Women’s Hormonal Health? How May it Help?

Reflexology for women’s hormonal health aims to support the unique aspects that influence all levels of women’s femininity.

Reflexology is a safe, natural therapy that can help both girls and women from the onset of menstruation, right through to the post menopause period.

As much as we need hormones to function they do confuse us sometimes. Stress and some of the pressures women face can play a big part in hormonal upset.

Reflexology may help promote blood flow to our whole body, including our endocrine system which can be compromised by illness and the stress of modern life.

Prices *

Daytime appointments £50.00
Evening clinic £55.00
  • Daytime appointments: £50.00
  • Evening clinic: £55.00

* Discounts available for 6 sessions, paid in advance.

Treatments may help with these hormonal health issues:

  • PMT

  • Painful/ heavy periods

  • Irregular/ lack of periods
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • UTIs
  • Fertility, pregnancy, labour & birth