Workplace Power Reflexology

What’s involved?

Power reflexology is a short powerful treatment usually lasting between 20 or 30 minutes. During that time we will discuss a treatment plan according to your specific needs.

To begin the treatment, I would relax the feet and then use tapping and pulsating techniques as they help to free the energy throughout the body, removing any energy blockages. Reflex points are gently worked on giving an overall feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

The benefits

Zenfeet Workplace ReflexologyThis treatment is carried out at your place of work, so you don’t have to take too much time out of your busy day to make time for yourself. Often we don’t make time for ourselves when we are at work as there is always something else to do.

There are 7 chakras that run down the body and they are energy links for the mind and spirit. This treatment unblocks these energies. The energy created from our emotions and mental attitudes run through the chakras and are distributed to our cells, tissues and organs. This life energy is holistic and balancing the chakras will help to balance energy in the body.

Everything around us including ourselves is made up of energy. Energy flows through the body integrating the mind and body. The body forms armour to protect us from traumatic experiences; this armour inhibits free flowing energy and can result in pain, illness, disease and poor health. Having a workplace power reflexology session will benefit you and/or your staff; increasing productivity and energy levels and decreasing absence from work due to poor health.

    Length of treatment: 20 minutes.


Workplace visits within a 20 mile radius = £20.00 per client as part of multiple bookings minimum of 6 bookings.

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Workplace Reflexology Zenfeet

“tapping and pulsating techniques to help free the energy throughout the body, removing any energy blockages”