Facial Reflexology

What’s involved?

Facial Reflexology ZenfeetThis is a gentle non- invasive, holistic therapy. It is also called the natural face-lift.

A relaxing neck and facial massage is given. Gentle pressure is applied on the reflex points. This activates the peripheral nervous system neurones (electricity to the skin).

This is a relaxing massage using pure and organic facial oils.


The benefits

Reflexology improves circulation to face and head. This speeds up the exchange of oxygen, nutrients and carbon dioxide. It oxygenates the dermis, detoxifies, bringing vitality and a fresher look. This natural face-lift relaxes facial muscles. It relieves tension/ headaches/migraines. Its also relieves mental strain and improves concentration. It can also helps relieve sinusitis/congestion and gives a feeling of overall well-being.

  • Length of treatment is 45 minutes.
  • Price:
    • Home visits
       – within a 10 mile radius: £65.00.
       For locations of over a 10 mile radius, petrol charges may apply.
    • Evening clinic: £50.00.
    • Day appointments: £40.00.

“also called the natural face-lift, a relaxing neck and facial massage”