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Reflexology throughout Hertfordshire and Essex in Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Hertford, Waltham Abbey, Ware, Cheshunt, Epping and Harlow.


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2 months ago

Want to know more about how #reflexology can help with your overall #wellbeing? Take a look at this great article from @happifulhq

From stress reduction to relaxation, this holistic therapy can do wonders for the mind, body and sole Seeing the foot as a road map to the body may seem strange, but think how a pain in your hip can ... See more

3 months ago

I'm loving these #healthy #smoothie recipes - perfect for getting in shape this #Spring.

Looking for healthy smoothie recipes? Click through to to see the best fat reducing, protein-rich, immune boosting smoothies.

3 months ago

C section is still delivery of a new life...

April ic C-Section awareness month, and we're celebrating all the C-Section moms who are strong as hell

3 months ago

The natural way is always the best ..

Naturally shorten labor by eating dates!
Join our Facebook group to talk about pregnancy, labor, home remedies, and more:

3 months ago

Studies show that there are huge benefits of reflexology and relieving #stress in the workplace.

This useful link explains in more detail.

Reflexology research studies looking at the effect of reflexology in the workplace in terms of absenteeism, sick leave/days, economical benefits, and expenses.

3 months ago

We are not the only people who love reflexology! Some celebrities are big fans too!

If you haven't had a session yet, it is definitely worth trying.

Why Do Celebrities Love This Affordable Healing Technique?written by totbpadminMany celebrities have been famously devoted to reflexology, a healing technique based on the application of pressure to ... See more

3 months ago

When your trying for a baby, it's important that you prepare both mind and body to ensure you're in optimum health for conception to occur.

Equally when a couple undertake #IVF treatment, taking ... See more

3 months ago

Oprah Winfrey, Elle McPherson, Gwyneth Paltrow - A-listers are queing up for regular #reflexology sessions.

We're just waiting for their call but if you need me in the meantime, just shout!

3 months ago

If you live in #Hertfordshire or #Essex, my #reflexology sessions are a great way to soothe both body and mind.

Visit me at my treatment room or I can come to you.

4 months ago

Shocking statistics estmate that 1 in 3 of us are suffering from #workplace #sress, #anxiety or #depression.

My lunch-break #reflexology sessions are a great way to alleviate this so why not get in ... See more

More than a third of the UK workforce is experiencing anxiety, depression, or stress, according to a survey of employees in junior and senior roles. Mental health problems are said to affect around ... See more

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When deciding which reflexologist to go to, make sure they are fully registered.

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